The Causes of Snoring: Exactly Why Do I Snore?

What is the exact reason why people snore? This is a question that gets asked all the time. Excessive snoring or sleep apnea can be annoying or even harmful, but this chronic sleep condition does not need to be a problem.

Causes of snoringBut what is snoring, exactly?

Basically, it’s nothing more than a vibration of the upper throat.

Every time a snorer breathes in through the nose or mouth, the airway is narrowed, to the point where the body forces it to open up.

Snoring is different from what is known as obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), which essentially is a complete collapse of the airway. Snoring is merely a partial collapse, as shown in the image.

By looking at the exact causes of snoring, we can start finding some effective solutions. Let’s focus on the three main causes of snoring that are known to science.

Why Do We Snore? 3 Key Reasons For Snoring!

Understanding the science behind snoring moves us one step closer to an effective treatment. Therefore, we must first look at what causes people to snore.

While the causes can be different for everyone, these are considered the most common causes:

  1. Your mouth anatomy: Some people are simply unfortionate enough to have narrow airways. If this is you, you have what is called a ‘think, soft palate’. This extra mouth tissue growth can also be the result of chronic obesity.
  2. Use of alcohol: Consuming alcoholic beverages before sleeping can create serious breathing issues. Alcohol relaxes muscle tissue, which in turn leads to the relaxation of the airways, both nasal and in the throat.
  3. Bacterial and viral infections: Nasal obstructions are a major cause of chronic snoring. It is common for people that are sick to snore heavily.

So, now we know what causes you to snore. For an animated version of this story (as well as an effective snoring solution mouthpiece), please check out the video below.

Stop Snoring Exercises

Let’s find out how to not snore at night! Just know that there is and never will be one-stop solution to your chronic sleep problems. Knowing how to stop someone from snoring will be different for every person.

Despite these existing differences, there are some common remedies everyone can try right away. Let’s look at 2 effective exercises to stop snoring that I personally know of.

Do you snore every night? Then these home remedies might solve or reduce some of your nocturnal breathing problems:

  1. Your sleeping position: Most avid snorers are people that do not know the correct position to sleep in. In order to reduce the amount of decibels you produce at night, try sleeping on your side, and allow your neck to be well-supported by a pillow.
  2. Tongue exercises: Doing some tongue exercises will help you train your mouth muscles, which helps to reduce mouth vibrations. Push the tip of your tongue against the roof of your mouth & slide it backward 20 times. Repeat this every night before sleeping!

How to stop snoring naturally - snoring exercisesTry these simple solutions to quit snoring yourself! If they do not work for you, don’t give up hope. There are other ways to solve your snoring problems.

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