About Us

Howdy! My name is Alex, and I created this blog to help my fellow snorers. The blog here at SimpleSnoringRemedies.com was created to do exactly that!

I have one thing in common with you: we all have snoring problems, or know someone who has had to deal with serious sleep apnea in the past. And yes, you and me both have been searching for solutions. For me it’s been several years, and I learned a lot in the process.

Lucky enough I found something that worked…

Whilst finding a good an effective sleep apnea treatment is difficult for most people, after long research, I did come across some good products that can help.

Next to professional doctor’s treatment, what really helped was having a high-quality mouthpiece to stop snoring completely. There’s not a lot of mouthpieces I enjoyed, but but certainly do check out the product I recommend and use regularly, which this high quality snoring mouthpiece. It was one of the few products that was comfortable for me, whilst also being effective in solving my snoring problems.


During my lengthy search towards finding sleep apnea solutions, I also uncovered a wide range of other information that I wanted to share. That’s essentially been the drive behind this site – creating a platform to help other people who also suffer from heavy snoring problems.

In the end, I decided to only keep the best articles that helped the most people. That’s what you will find here!

Some of the best pieces of content include:

We thank you so much for checking out our content and hopefully we’ve been of service to you. Finding a solution to a chronic sleep apnea problem is not easy, that’s what we know from experience.

However, with the right tools in hand, everyone is able to eventually quit snoring all together.

To your well deserved night’s rest,

Alex McGregor